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    Slotshot Table Game - Interactive Board Game Toy [PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE]

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    This is a high-quality wooden ice hockey game, a fast and smart game, a beautiful gift for family and friends, an ideal gift for kids to improve their hand-eye coordination, strengthen fine motor skills, extend the child’s focus, attract kids, and stay away from electronics.

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    Family Bonding: Board games often bring families together. Playing Slotshot as a family can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. It's an opportunity for quality time spent together.

      Entertainment and Fun: The Slotshot Table Game provides hours of entertainment and fun for players of all ages. It offers an engaging and interactive experience that can be enjoyed with friends and family, making it a perfect choice for game nights or gatherings.

      How to play:

      • Use the elastic band to shoot all the balls through the small gate, to your opponent half.
      • The first player to empty half of it wins the round.
      • Win 3 rounds to win the match.

      Stress Relief: Playing games is a great way to relax and de-stress. Slotshot offers a lighthearted and enjoyable gaming experience that can help people unwind and take their minds off daily stresses.

      No Batteries Required: Unlike many electronic games, Slotshot doesn't require batteries or electricity to operate, making it a hassle-free and eco-friendly choice.


      • Material: wood
      • Size: 56 *30 * 3.2 cm
      • Number of players: 2


        • 1 * Chessboard
        • 10 * Chess piece 

      Close your eyes for a moment and envision the smiles, the laughter, and the moments of pure satisfaction that will become a part of your daily life with Slotshot Table Game


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