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    NaturalGlide™ - Glue-Free Invisible Stickers

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    Are you wishing for effortless beauty enhancement without the mess?


    Save money on plastic surgery and give yourself what you deserve with NaturalGlide™


    Close your eyes for a moment and envision the smiles, the laughter, and the moments of pure satisfaction that will become a part of your daily life with NaturalGlide™.


    The True Reason I Look 10 Years Younger Than I Am!

    👁️Add charms with natural depth to your eyelids. Wet with water and ready to use, no glue required

    • Invisible Eye-Lifting by Sticked provides instant eye-lifting to flaccid, drooping, deep-set, hooded eyelids or even monoliths. Create a natural, parallel fold crease for more youthful, bewitching eyes.

    • Instant Double Eyelid: provide an instant eye lift to flaccid, drooping, deep-set, hooded eyelids or even monoliths. Create a natural, parallel fold crease for more youthful, bewitching eyes.

    • Flawlessly Invisible: Delicately made of premium refined lace fiber, invisibly blending with any skin tone.

    • Water-activated Adhesion: Spray water to instantly make them transparent and durable adhesive. Won’t leave any glue residue like traditional eyelid tapes.

    Steps for Usage

    If you’re looking for safe and natural results for droopy, saggy, eyes, look no further. We’ve tested every eyelid strip on the market to bring you the very best. NaturalGlide can help you achieve amazing results in just a few seconds!


    • Materials: Medical glue+Lace+Mesh+synthetic material 


    • Double eyelid stickers*12 sheets (120pcs)
    • Y clip*1
    • Small clip*1
    • Spray bottle (30ml empty bottle)*1
    • Styling Cream*1

    We are committed to making the most meaningful gifts for your loved ones.

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