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    SpaceSaver™ | Shoe Slots Organizer Saver

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    Are you struggling with messy closets and piled-up shoes? 


    Finding the right pair of shoes quickly becomes a frustrating daily struggle without an efficient organizational solution, leading to wasted time and space.

    Neat and Tidy Storage: With the SpaceSaver™ SoleStack, shoes are neatly stored in individual slots, preventing them from getting tangled or mismatched. This helps maintain the shape and condition of your shoes, ensuring they stay looking their best for longer.

      • Three-Position Flexible Adjustable: Adjustable heights from 3.7 inches to 7.1 inches, perfect for all kinds of shoes, whether flat or high heels (the size should be below 9). Each pair of shoes is neatly stacked on top of each other, making it simple to see and retrieve the pair you want to wear without having to search through a pile of shoes.

      • Improves Closet Organization: By keeping shoes neatly organized and stored in the SpaceSaver™ SoleStack, you can improve the overall organization of your closet. This can make it easier to find what you need, reduce clutter, and create a more visually appealing space



        • Enhances Shoe Visibility: Storing shoes vertically in the SpaceSaver™ SoleStack allows you to see all of your shoes at a glance, making it easier to choose the perfect pair for any outfit or occasion. This enhanced visibility can save time and streamline your daily routine.

        Product Specification:

        Color White
        Material Strong Plastic
        Product Dimensions 9.92"D x 3.94"W x 6.88"H

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