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    Car Storage Pocket Handbag - For Organized Car [FREE SHIPPING PROMOTION]

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    If you want to keep your car clean and organized, then the Car Leather Storage Pocket is a product you will love.


    Our car organizer between seats is located between the front two seats, which can store various daily necessities such as mobile phones, handbags, wallets, water bottles, books, tissues, keys, snacks, etc., without affecting the use of the armrest box makes your car tidier.


    The Handbag Holder helps to store more things than others with a higher front guardrail, and makes full use of the space between the front two seats, giving you extra storage space. This car handbag holder is made of premium PU Material, which is durable, flexible, and of great texture.


    This car organizer and storage material is strong and will not be deformed and damaged by overweight items, like the mesh car seat organizer. The multifunctional car pocket completely makes full use of the space between the front two seats.


    The Car Storage Pocket can easily connect from one front seat to another without covering your console or dirtying the interior of your car. No drilling nor stickers are required, only need to strap the handbag holder into the center console, then buckle it to the front seats. 

    Auto Handtaschen Organizer


    • This multifunctional car pocket is made of high-grade PU leather.
    • This car organizer installs on the front seat, convenient for picking up items while driving.
    • Simply attach the car storage organizer's tether strap to the seat belt buckle and the front seat.
    • The tether strap can be adjusted in length to make the car handbag holder compatible with all car consoles.



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