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    Last Day Sale 50% OFF 💥GrowGlow™ Starter - Seed Trays with Grow Light

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    Are you struggling to start your garden indoors?


    Don't just limit yourself to spring to plant your favorite flower/vegetable. GrowGlow™ is for you.


    Spring is a good time for germination, and the seeds can be sown to get the fruits as soon as possible. Getting your hands-on results is extra rewarding!

    Optimal Growing Conditions: The GrowGlow™ Starter provides seeds with the ideal environment for germination and growth. The integrated grow light emits the perfect spectrum of light needed for photosynthesis, promoting healthy seedling development from the earliest stages.

    Year-Round Growing: With the GrowGlow™ Starter, you can start seeds indoors at any time of the year, regardless of the outdoor weather conditions. This allows you to extend the growing season, produce multiple harvests, and cultivate plants that require longer growing periods.

    Promotes Strong Root Development: The controlled environment provided by the GrowGlow™ Starter encourages robust root growth in seedlings. The consistent light and temperature conditions stimulate root development, resulting in stronger, more resilient plants that are better equipped to thrive once transplanted outdoors.

    Encourages Early Harvests: With theGrowGlow™ Starter, you can enjoy early harvests of homegrown produce, even in climates with short growing seasons. Starting seeds indoors allows you to get a head start on the gardening season and harvest fresh vegetables and herbs sooner.

    High Success Rate: Thanks to their efficient design and reliable performance, the GrowGlow™ Starter boasts a high success rate for seed germination and seedling establishment. With proper care and attention, you can expect to achieve excellent results and enjoy a bountiful harvest of homegrown produce.

    Product information:

    • Type: cave disc/seedling disc
    • Material: Plastic raw
    • Features: Breathable, luminous, transparent, corrosion-resistant
    • Use form: combined type, desktop type, floor type.
    • Application Scenarios: Office, hotel, home furnishing, shopping mall, green engineering, home gardening, balcony garden, garden nursery production.

    Packing list:

    • 5*Seed Starter Trays with Grow Light
    • 5*Tags
    • 2*Green gadgets
    • 1*Data line

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